Significant Google Search Algorithm update on June 25 - What needs to be done now?

Google Search released a very significant and important algorithm update on 25th of June . The update was a hot topic of discussion among the search webmasters and seo experts. No one was sure about it but the results were visible on the search engine result pages. And the topic continued with the discussion on the effects of this algo on websites.

Was it a good update or a bad one for the websites ?

The reaction of digital marketing experts and webmasters was a mixed one as some saw their websites moving up in SERPS and some saw the ranking of their websites dropping . Google updates its search algo every now and then which is not a secret anymore

You might have been hit by the Google's search algorithm update this week or maybe before that were unaware of it . These search updates are coming so often that we are not sure when, how and what hit the website's ranking. We start working on new strategies to get back on the track and  suddenly some new update its our website with a very different purpose

Things you should look for in Historic GA Data 

In short, you’re looking to find evidence of other events similar to June 25 that may have been overlooked. A simple way to handle this includes:

  • In GA, navigate to Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium.
  • Extend the time frame from the default seven-day view to as far back as you can, preferably before 2015. I’ll explain later on.
  • Under the Source/Medium columns, select google/organic.
  • Look at the line chart in a Weekly or Monthly manner, especially if you’re working with years of data.

Relation Between Panda 4.2 and Google's 25th June Update 

Google Panda 4.2 Refresh started its journey on 17th of July 2015 and took weeks to get into full effect. At that time duration, Panda was the name given to Google's Algorithm and its target was " sites with low quality content" and awarded hose sites which adhered to Google Search Engine's site quality recommendations . Many of these recommendations are still given preference in 2017 which was seen in March 7 rollout named "FRED"

Here is an example of website's organic performance from March 2017 to June 2017 

Comparing the June 25th algo update to Fred

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